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Career Corner - February 2019

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February 4, 2019

Choose, change, or embrace your major!

It’s that time of year, when common questions heard around Career & Internship Services are “What can I do with my major?” and “Am I in the right major?” Whether students are trying to decide, questioning, or are happily pursuing, their majors, it’s good to explore options. The link between majors and careers may not be obvious, there are many different careers someone can pursue with any one particular major and there are many majors for any one particular career goal.

To help with “major” questions, we encourage students to take, or review what they learned about themselves after taking, the career assessments.

A variety of resources to research what students can do, or others have done, with different majors, includes:

Deciding on a Major” with links to “What Can I do With This Major,” “What Can I do With a Major In …,” and “Making a Liberal Arts Degree Pay Off.”

The Graduate Follow-up Report, By Major Reports includes details, by major, about where UMD graduates were working, or continuing their education, in their first years after graduating from UMD.

The social networking site LinkedIn can be searched by a number of criteria, including majors. See what over 48,000 UMD Alumni, at various stages in their careers, are doing currently.

In addition to researching majors, it’s important to research careers. Conduct informational interviews and job shadows, and seek out volunteering and interning opportunities to further test, and find out actual duties of, careers.