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2020 Short-Term Programs Announced

Students standing on a beach with surf boards
February 25, 2019

UMD Study Abroad will be offering 11 short-term programs over Winter Break, May and Summer sessions.

Short-term programs are short 3-6 week programs led by UMD faculty consisting of all UMD students. A great option for students with tight academic schedules, short-term programs are offered outside of the regular fall and spring semesters. Depending on the program, courses will be 3-6 credits.

UMD is offering 11 different short-term programs.


BAHAMAS: Coral Reef Studies in the Bahamas

Explore the beautiful coral reefs of the Bahamas while experiencing the local culture and expanding knowledge of ecological research
Utilize biological and geological field techniques to study coral reefs firsthand
Learn about the interactions between physical and biological factors that comprise coral reefs
Take in Caribbean life while staying on the island of San Salvador, Bahamas!
COSTA RICA: Global Surf Culture

Study abroad in beautiful Costa Rica
Explore the history of surfing and global surf culture
Analyze the role of the United States in Central America
Learn to surf!
TRINIDAD: Chocolate in Trinidad

Cocoa beans

See the harvesting of cocoa, coffee, citrus, mangoes, and other exotic forest fruits.
Take tours to local chocolatiers for tasting and demonstration activities followed by visits to some of the local sunny, sandy beaches!
Learn to harvest and make your own chocolate, coconut oil, and cocoa butter straight from the plant.
Visit the University of the West Indies Cocoa Research Unit, and the International Genebank Cocoa Collection (the largest repository of Cocoa varieties in the world)!


AUSTRALIA | International Business Down Under

Examine the facets of our global economy and today’s international business environment
Increase your appreciation of the impact of cultural, geographical, and economic system differences on business operations
Participate in intellectual and cultural visits to industries, businesses, attractions, and government agencies
Interact with Australians and learn firsthand their perspective on the world
CUBA | Arts, History, & Culture of Cuba

Experience a diverse cultural environment reflecting indigenous, Spanish, and African influences
Experience cross-disciplinary aspects of visual art, music, and performance
Explore urban, rural, and coastal geographies and communities
Gain insight into the complex socio-political history of Cuba
IRELAND | The Irish Landscape

Cliffs in Ireland

Study the natural, cultural, and literary history of Ireland, with a particular emphasis on the intersection of science and the humanities.
Experience the landscape of Connemara and the Burren that dramatically influenced local culture and literary tradition.
Study Irish mythology and the transition from ancient oral tradition to written literature through reading the “dinnseanchas, or lore of places,” which describe peoples interactions with the natural environment.
ITALY | History of Community Health: Art & Culture in Italy

Visit the Italian cities Rome, Florence and Venice.
Study the history of public health in Italy.
See Medieval hospitals and pharmacies.
NEW ZEALAND | Marine Biology in New Zealand

Examine an array of marine habitats at the Goat Island Marine Reserve.
Explore the beautiful coastal New Zealand town of Leigh.
Observe marine life in the crystal clear waters of the protected cove.
See animals and environments you won’t find in the U.S.
NEW ZEALAND | New Zealand: Youth Power

Visit organizations and make connections with social workers empowering indigenous youth to make changes in their communities.
Visit Māori communities and engage with Māori culture.
Meet with child welfare workers from the New Zealand Ministry for Children.
Meet with Social Work professors and students at New Zealand universities.
Explore volcanoes and geothermal pools, hike stunning terrain, or relax on the beach.
PERU | Language & Culture in Peru

UMD Study Abroad students in Peru

Study Spanish at the Universidad del Pacífico, an AACSB accredited business school.
Immerse yourself in the Spanish language and improve your comprehension and speaking skills while staying with a host family.
Experience Peruvian culture at its best while visiting art museums, theaters, concert halls, and historic locations.
Visit Machu Picchu, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Enjoy sunny days and cool nights on beautiful sandy beaches of the Pacific coast!



Discover the culture, people and history of Amsterdam, Berlin, and Prague.
Enjoy a river cruise, world-renowned museums, World War II and Cold War historical sites, and medieval castles.
Learn about the differences in reproductive health policy, prenatal care, birth, and government leave for parenting policies between the United States and European Union countries.
Engage in conversations about healthcare, birth, and social policy with experts from academic and government institutions.

If you are interested in these or any study abroad programs, please stop into the Study Abroad office located in 138 Kirby.

Drop-in advising hours are Monday through Friday 10-11am.

Be sure to attend Study abroad 101, a presentation by a returned student covering everything you need to know from applications to financial aid.

Study Abroad 101 takes place every Tuesday and Wednesday at 12 pm