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Career Corner - April 2019

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April 1, 2019

Helping Your Student Plan Ahead

Securing a summer internship takes time and thoughtful planning. Often times, students secure their summer internships during the prior academic year. Help your student prepare.

Update your resume & online identity
Update your resume with your education, class projects, leadership, and work experience. Make sure your online identity is professional. Build a LinkedIn profile and connect with faculty, staff, peers, and alumni. Follow companies, search for jobs and join professional interest groups.

Develop a list of employers
Make a list of employers who visited campus this year. Research employers ahead of time, schedule informational interviews to learn about the company and organizational culture.

Connect with your academic department
Learn about current and past internships held by your peers. Faculty and staff in your collegiate unit are the best place to start in finding this information.

Update your GoldPASS account
Ensure your GoldPASS account is updated to make your search more effective. Employers post year round to GoldPASS. You’ll have access to numerous listings.

Current summer 2019 internships
Continue to use your career resources. Set up alerts with job boards; use your network to learn about internship openings.

Past summer employers
Your previous employer might be interested in you returning for the summer. Ask for more leadership opportunities. It could provide you with more responsibility, which could lead to a future internship.

Consider temporary professional work offered through a staffing service
Many employers work with staffing agencies. Search for staffing agencies active in GoldPASS. Make sure there are no fees required by the job seeker.