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UMD Votes

3 Students standing on Kirby Garage promoting voting
October 14, 2019

This fall is very exciting as voter season ramps up!

This fall is very exciting as voter season ramps up! Voting is happening on November 5th from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm at your polling place ( Being eligible to vote is a privilege, but knowing how to exercise your right to vote can be confusing. MPIRG at UMD is dedicated to making sure all eligible students have the tools they need to be able to vote.
All students living in Duluth/near Duluth (not in Wisconsin) are eligible to vote here! If you prefer, however, to vote in your hometown/district you can send in an absentee ballot. MPIRG has both voter registration forms and absentee ballots in our office in the Multicultural Center (MC).
Pre-registration for voting closes on October 15th. Pre-registering is very useful because it cuts your time at your polling place in half. By pre-registering all you need to do is show up and vote. You do not need to bring ID if you have successfully pre-registered. You will get a small letter in the mail confirming your registration. To pre-register to vote you can go to the MPIRG cube in the MC or you can register online.
If you do not pre-register then you will need a few things to be able to register to vote the day of elections. The first thing you will need is proof of residence. Proof of residence can be "proved" in many ways ( You will also have to fill out a form that requires either your drivers license card number or the last four numbers of your social security number.
A lot of people choose not to vote. Of all voters the age group from 18-24 makes up about 20% of the voter population. Although they carry a large portion of the votes less than 15% of these voters actually vote. This is one of the reasons why it is extremely important to vote, because as a young person your vote carries more weight. This year we are voting in local elections which don't seem as "flashy" to most people. Everyone wants to vote for the Presidential election but what people don't understand is that it is the local elections that have the most direct affect on peoples actual lives.
If you have more questions about voting please check out the UMD website, the Secretary of State website, or come by the MPIRG cube in the MC!