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Exchanges & Partnerships

Exchanges & Partnerships 

International Partnerships

Our office supports the development and maintenance of various types of international partnerships. Partnerships are generally established on an institutional level. However, individual departments may also enter into these agreements with support from International Programs & Services.

Establishing a Partnership

Many of our successful partnerships develop from faculty relationships that begin with a simple interaction and/or a joint research project. These then grow into more formal partnerships that may encompass additional activities such as student exchange, expanded joint research and scholarship opportunities.

It is important when exploring a partnership to develop clear goals. Each relationship will be unique and consequently will pursue a unique purpose or goal inspired by the people involved. Goals may include student/faculty exchange, joint research, short-term scholarly visits/training or additional activities.

UMD partnerships established at the collegiate level can be promoted and maintained with ongoing support from International Programs and Services. In cases involving student exchange, for example, International Programs & Services will provide transactional assistance for the outbound domestic students and the incoming international students. 

Many UMD partnerships are established and maintained at the collegiate level. In such cases involving student exchange, International Programs & Services will provide transactional assistance for the outbound domestic students and the incoming international students. The ongoing support, promotion, and administration of the relationship, however, are managed in the college.

In some cases, the partnership may require a commitment of University resources beyond faculty or staff time. Certain procedures may seem to be mere formalities, but in fact, may commit the University to some process or payment that is impossible to fulfill, so it is recommended to involve IPS at the preliminary stages of all partnership discussions.

Agreement Templates

To ensure compliance with University policies and procedures, the Office of the General Counsel has developed five templates to address the most frequent needs. The following templates can be found in the OGC Standard Contracts Library:

  1. Memorandum of understanding
  2. One-way sending agreement
  3. One-way receiving agreement (i.e. incoming students)
  4. Student exchange
  5. Student & faculty exchange

These templates are intended as guidelines and can be altered with approval from the Office of the General Counsel. Details outlining the terms of the agreement can either be embedded in the document or subsequently added as an addendum to the agreement.

We are in the process of establishing a “Guide to Creating International Partnerships.”