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Before You Go (Faculty)

Before You Go (faculty)

Traveling abroad on University business requires a great deal of planning. Below are some resources to help prepare for your travels abroad.

Registering International Travel

The University’s Travel Policy requires all faculty and staff traveling abroad for University purposes to register their travel. Information on travel plans will remain confidential and connected only to an individual employee in case of an emergency. When you register, you will be provided with important health, safety and logistical updates and assistance from the University before, during and after your international travel. 

Faculty and staff leading students abroad complete a different travel registration process and this information will be provided to you prior to program departure.

Emergency Response Protocol

Program leaders must be prepared to handle any emergency, either perceived or real, before leaving the U.S. As part of this process the University requires all program leaders complete and submit the Emergency Plan Form to our office prior to departure. It is important to also share this information with students.

GPS Alliance Travel Resources

The Global Programs and Strategy Alliance is the central international office for the University of Minnesota system. The GPS Alliance is the driving force for the University of Minnesota in globalizing teaching, learning, research, and engagement. They provide travel resources to assist University students, faculty, and staff in their travels abroad.

Policies & Procedures

The University of Minnesota Policy Library provides essential information for employees traveling on University business. Visit our Policies & Procedures page for details.

Health & Safety

To minimize health and safety risks, the University requires international travel, health and security insurance for all participants of education abroad opportunities, including faculty and staff. Faculty and staff leading students abroad must be covered by the approved insurance policy. Visit Health & Safety for policy information and enrollment materials.