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If you studied abroad during spring semester 2020, please click here for the COVID-19 Spring Semester 2020 Evacuation Reimbursement Form. If you have further questions please contact your respective IPS Study Abroad Staff Coordinator. For more information see FAQs on this page.


Study Abroad Cancellation Policy

Upon confirming participation in a program, you would have signed a Release & Waiver form. This form includes a statement verifying and confirming that you read and understood the following Cancellation Policy:

If you wish to cancel your participation, you must use one of the methods below:

    • A) Log in to your online checklist and click the “Cancel Application” button on the bottom of the checklist page. EMAIL the Study Abroad office and title the subject line “Program Participation Cancellation.” In the body of the email indicate your: name, UMD student ID number, program name and term of participation.


It is your responsibility to notify our office and your program sponsor (UMTC, API, CEA, etc.) of your cancellation. You may have additional financial obligations.

NOTE: If you decide to cancel, you may be responsible for nonrecoverable costs over and above the $400 non-refundable deposit. Non-recoverable costs increase as the program start date gets closer; refer to the Cancellation-Refund Policy. Check with the Study Abroad office for your actual cancellation costs.