Find Champ, win a prize!

UMD Library Display Case full of black and white photos from students experiences abroad.
January 31, 2020

Win your very own scratch-off map of the world! How? Your mission: Find Champ amidst the sea of study abroad photos in the display case between LSBE & the library. Read more for details:

Check out the display case by LSBE and the UMD Library to look at the collage of Study Abroad photos and win a prize!

Where in the world is Champ?

Check out the display case located in the red concourse hallway, between Labovitz School of Business & Economics and the UMD Library to find Champ, and win your very own Scratch-off Map of the World!

How to Play

Clues will be given, for those who are driven
to win a prize, by using your eyes.
What are you to do? Look far and wide…
for UMD’s bulldog, who’s hiding inside.

If you find that dog, in this deep sea of photos…
follow us on social media, take a pic, tag and message us!

Champ hopes to inspire you to travel the globe…
and step out of your comfort zone, to see what unfolds.

Stay tuned all month, and pay attention to clues…
a cool new map of your own, could be in your paws to use!

Instructions & Rules:

Each week, Champ (who is ~1cm in diameter) will move to a new location. We’ll provide a clue or two on UMD Study Abroad’s Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter pages (@UMDstudyabroad) to help you locate our mascot. Students, faculty, and staff are welcome to play. You have until Sunday, at midnight at the end of each week to submit your photo, showing proof you’ve found Champ!


The due dates to send in photos are:

  • Sunday, February,  9
  • Sunday, February, 16
  • Sunday, February, 23
  • Sunday, March, 1

What do you win?

The winner will receive their very own "Scratch-off Map of the World" so you can document your globe-trotting adventures! We'll announce and award each week's speedy sleuth their prize on Mondays via our social media channels. Go forth and best of luck in your mission to find Champ!

Scratch Map of the World

To play, follow us at @UMDstudyabroad