2019 Photo Contest Finalists Announced

two women in sunglasses pose for a selfie
April 2, 2019

Students who studied abroad last year were eligible to submit photos in the following categories: Culture, Places and Selfie as well as videos.

Finalists have been announced and will be exhibited in the coffee shop during the month of April. Winners will be named April 12. You can check out all submissions on our facebook page

The finalists in each category for 2019 are...


Zoey Sazama | Sweden | The Aurora

Conner Rued | Italy | Quiet Canal

Nathan Casanova | Germany | Give Me Back The Berlin Wall

Ryan Kuchta | China | Nanshi

Brook Heaney | Italy | Roman Restaurant

Lauren Carle | Australia | Surf's Up!


Nick Miller | New Zealand | Milford Sound

Alyssa Heuanphommavong | New Zealand | Lake in Queenstown

Zoey Sazama | Sweden | Lauterbrunnen

Kate Shelley | Ireland | Kylemore Abbey

Susan Lokhorst | Australia | Lockard Gorge

Devin Larson | Australia | The Fog


Nathan Casanova | Germany | East Side Gallery

Delaney Wilder | New Zealand | Wanaka Sunset

Anders Brown | England | Bavarian Hiking

Nick Miller | New Zealand | My Face

Lauren Shomion | England | Arthur's Seat

Matt Rigdon | New Zealand | Selfie


Delaney Wilder | New Zealand | New Zealand 2018

Kaylee Argo | England | People Can Change You

Dilan Groenke | Australia | Australia

Kylie Ficker | Ireland | Video Contest

. .  .

Be sure to go through our photo album on facebook to see all the amazing submissions. These finalists' photos are now on display in the Northern Shores Coffee Shop!