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Staying Connected Abroad

Staying Connected

Your UMD Email Account

Email is the official form of communication at UMD. We expect you to check your UMD email account regularly. 

  • Email is the easiest and most efficient way to reach our office, should an issue arise while abroad 
  • Email is the optimal (and only) way for UMD to contact you while abroad regarding matters such as:
    • financial aid
    • registration queue times

Note: that you will be assessed a semester fee for your email account just as you would if on campus.

Communication with Friends & Family

In addition to a calling card, Skype, Facebook, What's App, Marco Polo, FaceTime, and Google Hangouts (and many others) are free, web-based programs that allow you to communicate with family and friends back home. 

While connecting with folks back home is a positive and grounding aspect of being abroad, remember that you are abroad to learn about a new culture by being immersed in it. It can be difficult to maximize this experience if you never break away from home. So don’t forget to get out there and make new friends.

"Pay as you go" phones are also popular. Many students buy a "pay as you go phone" when abroad to stay in contact with locals and friends and family back home. Plans vary, so do your research prior to purchasing.