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Specialty Recycling

Corrugated boxes are kept separate from mixed recyclables and removed daily by custodial staff. Break down your boxes, remove any plastic wrap, and stack neatly next to recycle bins for collection. Remember: pizza boxes are not recyclable and NOT yet compostable in our area. 
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Electronics and Hazardous Waste

Electronic waste (e-waste) contains many heavy metals and other harmful materials. The Environmental Health and Safety Office provides e-waste boxes to departments for removing e-waste. For information on e-waste and other hazardous material recycling, contact The Environmental Health and Safety Office at x6764. E-waste drives are a great way to get your campus organization involved in a sustainable initiative. 
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Ink/Toner Cartridges

Ink and toner recycling is done by the department that purchases it. Larger companies (HP, Canon, Lexmark, etc.) will typically take back their cartridges for free, and may even send the necessary packaging to do so. If a department buys ink locally, some shops will take and recycle empty cartridges, or refill them for a reduced fee. Additionally, there are multiple websites that will buy back empty cartridges. Whichever decision your department makes, we ask that you keep sustainable practices in mind. 

Plastic Bags (or other film plastic)

Plastic bags and other film plastic are accepted at the UMD Stores bag recycling bin. Plastic bags cannot be co-mingled with regular recyclables. 
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