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Alaina Lawrence

Alaina Lawrence

Professional title

Sustainability Student Assistant


I am from the suburbs near the Twin Cities, and have always enjoyed being outside to take a break from city life. Growing up, I spent my time playing in the dirt, picking trash off the ground, and singing along to 2000's pop music. These passions have followed me to college, transforming into a love for agriculture, waste practices, and the Mamma Mia soundtrack. I am a second year student here at UMD, working towards a major in Environment & Sustainability, a minor in Political Science, and a certificate in Geographic Information Science. I spend most of my free time watching movies from the 90's, listening to Spotify playlists, cooking plant-based meals, and walking around the lovely city of Duluth. 

I believe sustainability is not only important but also exciting, with many different forms and opportunities. My favorite opportunities to be sustainable follow the mantra "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" and include composting, using my own reusable water bottle and utensils, making my own personal care products, buying old or already used items, and reducing my use of fossil fuels for transportation. I love sustainability because there are so many other ways to be sustainable besides this, and so many opportunities to learn about them.