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Jonna Korpi

Professional title

Activities Coordinator


Jonna grew up in Cotton, a small town northwest of Duluth on Hwy 53. She spent a lot of time outdoors through all the seasons and having lived in other places/climates, has learned to appreciate the change of seasons and really looks forward to what each has to offer. As an undergraduate, she attended the University of North Dakota studying Criminal Justice and Psychology. Late in her academic journey, she discovered a real passion for environmental issues which spurred her to pursue graduate school and dig deeper into the complexity of environmental issues and sustainable solutions. She earned a Master’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from the University of Washington Tacoma, focusing on Sustainable Systems. From there, she dabbled in a variety of areas, including small-scale organic farming, energy conservation and outreach, and green building practices and standards through AmeriCorps positions. She also worked to improve recycling and composting rates in a multi-family housing complex in Seattle before coming home to roost in Duluth.

Why sustainability is important

Sustainability is important because it is a daily reminder to be mindful in the actions we take and decisions we make. The way each person chooses to live and be in the world makes a difference. Bringing sustainability into our daily awareness makes for more thoughtful discussion and more holistic decision-making. 


My job is to help students advance their goals around sustainability - on campus, in their classes and careers, and as part of their lifestyle.