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Green Office Certification

Overview green office certification badge

Green Office Certification is an elective, comprehensive, in-house certification process that aims to improve sustainable best-practices across UMD’s campus and collegiate units. The certification program evaluates workspaces based on two categories: Energy and Waste. Using these categories, an office is evaluated and given a numerical rating for each.

How it works

A Green Leader is chosen from an office or work space to act as a liaison to the Office of Sustainability. The Green Leader accompanies the Office of Sustainability during evaluation and communicates results and initiatives to their coworkers.

Results are shared with the people that use the work space, and a label displaying the green ranking is printed for display at the office entrance.  Rankings will also be added to the Office of Sustainability website. The certification expires after two years, however, an office may choose to be re-evaluated sooner.

After obtaining a rating, the office can use feedback from the Office of Sustainability to improve their score by incorporating sustainable best practices into their everyday work processes.

For this program, a shared office would be defined as a larger office which coworkers share, for example the  Facilities Management office in DAdB 241. An individual office is considered an office that one person uses, like a professor’s office in Cina Hall.  (Currently, the Office of Sustainability is only evaluating shared offices. Phase II will include individual offices.)


  1. An office chooses a rep. to act as a Green Leader
  2. Green Leader emails UMD Sustainability (
  3. Office of Sustainability staff tour and evaluate the office
  4. Results shared, and a Green Office label is printed.

Rating System Explanation

Offices are scored in two categories: Energy and Waste.  For each category, a numerical score is assigned along a color spectrum from red to green.  Red is the least environmentally-friendly, and green is the most.  Most offices that put forth effort into incorporating sustainable best practices will typically fall somewhere in the middle. Each color is approximately 10% point value away from adjacent colors.

In addition, a separate category of Transportation can earn a badge for the office, if 25% or more of the office regularly uses alternative transportation (walk, bus, bike, carpool 50% of the time or more).  The transportation badge is a recognition of the green commuting habits of an office, but does not earn extra points.

A Top-Tier Green Status will be awarded as extra recognition to offices that meet the top level of green in either category.  Double Top-Tier Green Status is the highest honor of reaching the highest level in both categories. Platinum Green Status is earned with the highest level of both Energy and Waste, along with a Transportation badge.


Introductory Slideshow: Green Office Info
Energy Calculator: Energy Excel Spreadsheet
Waste Calculator: Waste Excel Spreadsheet

Please note: the above calculators are optimized for internal use on mobile devices, and consequently may not display properly on desktop computers.



Note:  The Green Office Certification label was inspired by the European Union energy labeling standards.