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UMD SUN Delegation students get a tour the newest campus solar array, 50 kW of ballasted solar on top of the new HCAMS building

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SUN Delegation students tour the newest (and largest) campus solar array: 50 kW of ballasted solar on top of the HCAMS building in April 2019.

UMD Sun Delegation

The UMD SUN Delegation includes students interested in taking action and encouraging the University of Minnesota to invest in solar.  Their objective is to expand solar at UMD, whether through installations, subscriptions, or solar purchases. SUN Delegates have also focused on raising awareness and support for solar on campus, gathering resources and tools to evaluate and prioritize future solar sites for campus.  Their progress on solar development includes not only education opportunities, but also raising funds, applying for assistance, planning and executing projects, including a 40 kW solar photovoltaic system on top of the Oakland (Aspen) Apartment building that was installed in May 2018. 

Students can apply to join the SUN Delegation at any time.  Read an overview of the group's accomplishments here.

The SUN Delegation started as part of a program of the Solar Endowment project which is funded by the Department of Energy’s Sunshot Initiative and managed by the Midwest Renewable Energy Association. The partners other than the University of Minnesota were: Purdue, University of Illinois and the Missouri University of Science and Technology. At the University of Minnesota the project was being led by the Energy Transition Lab with the guidance of the Institute on the Environment.

2019 -2020 School Year

  • Mellisa Ofori (Biochemistry, French minor)
  • Justin Primus (Civil Engineering)
  • Faith Breeden (Environmental Science, Chinese minor)
  • Emma Christensen (Biology)
  • Joseph Donovan (Finance)
  • Jaeger Moser (Environment and Sustainability, Energy Engineering)
  • Luke Smith (Accounting)
  • Hunter House (Industrial Engineering, Spanish Studies minor)
  • Katie Hauer (Environmental Science and Interdisciplinary Studies)
  • Nick Rutten (Mechanical Engineering, Energy Engineering Minor)
  • Joe Murphy (Environment and Sustainability, Sociology Minor)
  • Abigail Ohmann (Environment and Sustainability, Energy Engineering)

2018 -2019 School Year

  • Mellisa Ofori (Biology and French)
  • Trevor Struve (Mechanical Engineering)
  • David Herrera (Social Work, Student Association Sustainability Director)
  • Faith Breeden (Environmental Science)
  • Emma Christensen (Biology)
  • Justin Primus (Civil Engineering)
  • Joseph Donovan (Finance)
  • Alex Christensen (Electrical Engineering)
  • Lyle Kleusch (Electrical Engineering)
  • Sarah Lysdahl (Biology)
  • Luke Morancey (Environment and Sustainability)
  • Sophie Zupon (Environment and Sustainability)
  • Jaeger Moser (Environment and Sustainability, Energy Engineering)
  • Luke Smith (Accounting)

2017 - 2018 School Year

Students in the Solar University Network Delegation at UMD, 2017-2018

  • Madelaine Sinclair  (Finance/German Studies)
  • Bailee Coughlin (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Aidan Fawcett  (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Mellisa Ofori (undeclared - Biology)
  • Trevor Struve (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Chris Gass (Environment and Sustainability)
  • Ashley Murr (Civil Engineering)
  • Sophie Zupon (Environment and Sustainability)
  • Charles Stenstrom (Environment and Sustainability)
  • Max Schuessler (Fall 2017 University of Siegen, research exchange student)
  • David Herrera (Student Association, Sustainability Director)

2016-2017 School Year

sun delegations last meeting

  • Madelaine Sinclair  (Finance/German Studies)
  • Bailee Coughlin (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Zachary Koop  (Physics/Electrical Engineering)
  • Mercedes Gohl (Environment and Sustainability)
  • Randall Sedlachek (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Aidan Fawcett  (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Kennedy Mosher (Biology)
  • Cassie Ortberg (Environmental Science)
  • Corey Plesch (Geography/Environment and Sustainability)
  • Paul Vaynshenk (Electrical Engineering)
  • Jacob Bray (Civil Engineering)

2015-2016 School Year 

  • Madelaine Sinclair (Finance/German Studies) 
  • Carissa Kloncz (Chemical Engineering)
  • Garrick Stokes (Political Science/German Studies)
  • Reine Nguyen (Economics)
  • Sydney Carlson 

UMD Student Organizations

Over 250 student organizations are supported at UMD through Kirby Student Center, including these sustainability-minded groups (email to add your group to this list):

Eco Reps: Students in Eco Reps design, implement, and advocate for sustainable initiatives in the UMD Residence Halls and Apartments. If you're passionate about sustainability, are interested in being more sustainable, or just looking for a way to get involved at UMD along with other committed students, please fill out this short interest form to get the process started!  Contact Jonna at or Sarah at for more information or assistance. 

Student Sustainability Coalition (SSC)  (currently seeking new student leadership!  Contact for more information)

“We are a student group interested in promoting sustainability in the University and its community. We aim to do this by holding events to educate the people on what sustainability is, how it can be achieved, and why it is so important. We also help facilitate student-led projects to improve sustainability efforts on campus.”

Minnesota Public Interest Research Group

“MPIRG is a non-profit, non-partisan, student funded, student led, statewide, grassroots advocacy organization that is focused on improving the community, as well as focusing on state, national, and global issues. We organize on Issues such as the Environment, Youth Voter Engagement, and Affordable Higher Education.”

Students Engaged in Rewarding Volunteer Experiences (S.E.R.V.E.)

“S.E.R.V.E. is a student led volunteer group on the UMD campus.  We help get students out into the community to volunteer with an array of different organizations.  Our group is ideal for students who need volunteer hours for class, are looking to build a resume, or just to have fun!”

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