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Sustainability Leadership Program

As a Sustainability Leader you can :

  • Enhance leadership skills, and be an agent for change in the campus community and beyond
  • Increase professional development and gain experience in hard and soft skills
  • Build network with peers working on sustainability
  • Play a key role in designing and implementing  university-wide sustainability programs and activities


Qualifications for Sustainability Leaders:

Members of the Sustainability Leadership Program need to have a passion for sustainability issues, innovation, leadership, and communication skills to disseminate information about a sustainable lifestyle.


Training for participating students—both at the beginning of the school year and throughout the year— will help build capacity on sustainability issues

Sample Activities:

  • Train a core group of students as environmental educators and activists
  • Increase overall student awareness of environmental actions  
  • Promote environmental stewardship within the student body.
  • Composting and recycling training
  • Waste reduction talks
  • Presentations at floor meetings
  • Trash audits
  • Energy audits for off-campus students
  • Tours for students, classes and prospective students on sustainability
  • Tabling and awareness on energy, waste, water, etc.
  • Event organizing
  • Beach sweeps(September)
  • Include social justice aspect? Social Sustainability
  • Potential partnerships with the Multicultural Center
  • Choose specific/personal initiatives (ie: Real Food Challenge, composting in residence halls)
  • Ways to respond rather than react to deniers?
  • Cooking classes/ “Sustainable Supper”
  • Low waste residence hall living tricks?
  • Upcycling events/DIY/MAke and Take
  • Maybe on campus reuse or trips to MRC
  • Sustainable Supper
  • Potential for working with students who live off campus to bring energy kits and pizza program

Other optional activities include things such as writing features for the web, social media outreach, and sustainable event promotion. 

Visit the Kirby Leadership Institute page to learn more. 

Graduates of the Kirby Leadership Institute: Sustainability Track

  • Christopher Gass (18')
  • Emily Hartman (18')
  • Madelaine Sinclair (18')
  • Dave Herrera (19')