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I think of myself as a guitar player.  I play and have played guitar now for 48 years, many styles with many different bands.  Learning the language of jazz has been the most exciting and satisfying part of my life in music and continues to be my main focus.  However it has been difficult to center my attention on just one style.  This is because the world of music offers so much diversity.  So much music I love!  Now at this time in my career I am practicing technique, learning new tunes and coming up with arrangements for solo guitar.  This has led me naturally to composing my own tunes.  Recording is also a part of my life and one has to take on the role of producer and sound engineer in the process.  This might compel me to say I am a guitarist, composer and producer.  But in the end, I would be happy to be known as simply a guitar player.  That to me is enough. 

That to me says it all.



Briand Morrison is a jazz guitar player with a warm, smooth jazz sound reminiscent of Wes Montgomery, Joe Pass and Kenny Burrell.  He studied rock and jazz guitar in the 1970’s in Minneapolis, at the West Bank School of Music, continuing at Berklee College of Music in Boston.  Briand returned to Minneapolis playing in bands and teaching guitar for many years.  He moved to the North Shore of Lake Superior in northern Minnesota in 2000 where he now lives.  Briand plays regularly along the North Shore, Duluth and the Twin Cities and writes and records music at his home studio on the North Shore.



Jazz composer & guitarist Briand Morrison draws inspiration from his family and his environment on Minnesota's north shore. Abstract paintings created by his dad, George Morrison (1919-2000), are a window to a shared horizon. Hear his musical impressions on The PlayList. (March 29, 2015)




- Musician Honors Artist Father, by Duluth Budgeteer News, October 28, 2015

- 11/3 Live From Studio A: Briand Morrison, interview on KUMD 103.3 FM








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