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In Solidarity


Special Exhibtions Gallery


In Solidarity presents print works from the Museum’s collection created by 31 revolutionary women artists (from the 1960s to the present) who employed art to express their resistance to social injustices. These women were active during and after the second wave generation of the feminist movement as self-proclaimed women artists whose artwork emphasized the female experience. Founders of feminist art, such as Mariam Schapiro, Judy Chicago, May Stevens, and Nancy Spero demanded visibility and respect from the larger art world, which historically privileged the white, heterosexual male experience.



Main Gallery


Intersections, an exhibition of contemporary Native art from Minnesota-based artists, features works primarily from the Tweed Museum collection. The exhibition highlights significant artists, beginning with George Morrison and Patrick Desjarlait, who were at the forefront of the contemporary Native art movement and have influenced artists since then. It is a continuation of the Tweed Museum’s focus on the development of Native arts in our region.

Manifest'o Jontahan Thunder


Nelson Case


Manifest'o is a multi-media installation by Jonathan Thunder. The installation comes with messages that exist on two planes: the ephemeral (or transcendent) and the physical. The stories that these animated vignettes represent are based on the Indigenous people’s memory of this region of the continent — narratives that exist across time and space. They are older than America. Their persistence over time is purposeful as they help invoke an understanding of the water, the land, and the deep sky. Today, Indigenous people of this region perceive the local landscape with these stories in mind. It is through their lens that you are invited to see and hear as well.



Balcony Gallery


The exhibit features works in a variety of media from faculty within the studio, graphic design, and art education areas. Faculty members from the art history area will participate with a curatorial framework to spark dialogue about and between the works of art, as well as programming contributions that will contextualize the ongoing "redefinitions" of art in our contemporary era with gallery talks on subjects such as: the historical beginning of arts academies and the foundations of the "fine art," shifts from art to visual culture, and the role of design.

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Annual Student Exhibtion


Special Events Gallery


The Department of Art & Design at the University of Minnesota Duluth offers this annual juried event at the Tweed Museum of Art. The exhibition presents selected works from art students in the School of Fine Arts. This year’s jurors are Dan Clark and George Slade, who will announce the winners at the Award Ceremony and reception at the Museum on Saturday, April 21, 2018 from 4 to 6 pm. The event is free and open to the public. Both jurors will offer a lecture for the Visual Culture Lecture Series on April 10, 2018 at 6 pm, Montague Hall 70, at the University of Minnesota Duluth campus.

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Special Events Gallery


October 10, 2017 – March 18, 2018

Curated from the Tweed Museum’s permanent collection and generously supported by select loans from the Weisman Museum in Minneapolis, this exhibition of drawings and prints will offer audiences a rare look at small, intimate works by some of the most formidable Modern artists of the 20th century. Featuring works by Pablo Picasso, Marc Chagall, Käthe Kollwitz, Henri Matisse, Oskar Kokoschka, Max Weber, Salvador Dali, and Otto Dix, this exhibition will serve as a tool to explore the vast representations of the various “-ism” in art movements that blossomed at the beginning of the 20th century. Collectively, these works express the radical attitude toward art that resulted in the replacement of 19th century Realism in favor of expressionism and abstraction that more accurately reflected the zeitgeist of the Modern Era.

View the videorecording of the lecture about Käthe Kollowitz by Dr. Sara Blaylock, titled Women, Work, and War: Käthe Kollwitz Prints.

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Thousand Words: Photographs from the Tweed Collection


Main Gallery


Our world is awash in photographs—from silver plate Daguerreotypes of the 19th century to digital Instagrams on our cell phones. Our conception of the world has been built upon photographic seeing. Yet, photography is a latecomer to the collection of the Tweed Museum. With the support of the Marguerite Gilmore Foundation and the Sax Brothers Fund, the Tweed has grown a diverse photography collection that contains evocative story-telling images. A Thousand Words is a presentation of images that will inspire your imagination.

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Plein Air painters: America's Industrial Landscape


Balcony Gallery


This exhibition of works by the Plein Air Painters of America explores the influences of industry on the environment. From living off the land to mining mountains, from raw-materials extraction to manufacturing and from farm to table, the physical and social transformation of place has become ubiquitous. By turning an unflinching eye to industrial landmarks, the artists in this show reveal the effects upon the landscape by mechanization and economic change.


This program is a collaborative project among the Plein Air Painters of America, The Tweed Museum of Art, The Duluth Art Institute, and The Great Lakes Academy of Fine Art.

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Un-typing Casta


Balcony Gallery


Maria Cristina Tavera is a Latina artist, curator, and activist who lives and works in Minneapolis. Her work is influenced by her transnational upbringing split between Minnesota and Mexico. This installation explores the past concepts of "Casta", a term coined by the Spanish in the 17th and early 18th centuries to refer to people of mixed ethno-racial heritage and the contemporary typological concepts of racial identity in the Latin American diaspora.

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SINEW: Female Native Artists of the Twin Cities


Special Exhibition Gallery


Artist and curator Dyani White Hawk is partnering with the Tweed Museum of Art to bring this brilliant display of female artists to the Northland. Sinew: Female Native Artists of the Twin Cities was originally curated for Artistry in Blooming- ton, MN in conjunction with the Guerilla Girls Twin Cities takeover. The Guerilla Girls described their work as “feminist masked avengers in the tradition of anonymous do-gooders like Robin Hood, Wonder Woman and Batman. How do we expose sexism, racism and corruption in politics, art, film, and pop culture? With facts, humor, and outrageous visuals.”

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Special Exhibition Gallery


Curated from the Tweed’s permanent collection, this exhibition of prints and paintings will first examine artworks by the progenitors of Pop Art—artists such as Andy Warhol and Ed Ruscha—who became household names during the 1960’s by creating artworks in which the technique and subject matter reflected the consumer and media-driven identity of America at the time. This approach to art-making was a clear reaction against the heavily intellectualized Abstract Expressionist Period, which had dominated the decade before, and thus became wildly popular because of its accessibility to the masses. Furthermore, this exhibition will also include artwork by a younger generation of contemporary artists whose work represents a direct continuation of the aesthetics of Pop Art through an appropriation of similar subjects, techniques, and composition.

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Colescott & Coe

Main Gallery


ALL THIS IS TRUE: the art of Sue Coe and Warrington Colescott
Prints, Watercolors & Drawings


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Jeffrey T. Larson: Domestic Space

Main Gallery


This exhibition, featuring oil paintings of exquisitely rendered domestic views, figures, and objects, is the first museum show of Larson’s work in the Northland.


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First Folio: The Book That Gave Us Shakespeare

Studio Gallery


Special thanks to the English Department and to the Kathryn A. Martin Library at UMD for bringing this exciting event at the Tweed Museum of Art, on the campus of the University of Minnesota Duluth.


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Sharon Louden


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Mounties of the Potlatch Collection

Balcony Gallery


The exhibition consists of 17 original paintings of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police from The Potlatch Collection at Tweed. The works are by Arnold Friberg.



Arnold Friberg, (American, 1913-2010)
Maintain the Right, 1963
oil on canvas, 32 x 25"
Collection Tweed Museum of Art, UMD

Gift of The Potlatch Corporation



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Robert Minichiello: Spontaneous Acts

Special Exhibition Gallery

The Way of Cheng-Khee Chee: Paintings 1974-2015

Special Exhibition Gallery



Closing Reception: The Way of Cheng-Khee Chee: Paintings 1974-2015

Sax Gallery

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Treasures from the Tweed: Transcendental Landscape Paintings

Balcony Gallery

Selection of Gilbert Munger Paintings

Olive Anna Tezla Library and Resource Center

Ongoing (closed December 31, 2015)


A selection of paintings from the Tweed Museum of Art collection by artist Gilbert Munger are featured in the Olive Anna Tezla Library.




Gilbert Munger (American, 1837-1903)

Berkley Springs, 1894

Oil on Canvas

Collection Tweed Museum of Art, UMD

Gift of Lester E. & Ann H. Shervy




Art and Design Annual Student Exhibition 2015
April 7 - April 30, 2015

Special Exhibition Gallery



ASE web poster
What We Do: A & D Faculty Biennial 2014-2015

Special Exhibition Gallery


The Richard E. and Dorothy Rawlings Nelsonn Collection of American Indian Art

November 11, 2014 - December 31, 2015

Nelson Display Case


Contemporary and Traditional Artworks

Selections of both contemporary and historical objects are on display in this showcase.


Click here to view more images of works on display.


Romero has merged traditional forms and techniques with contemporary art imagery. Traditional techniques include hand coiling, polished slip decoration, and a spirit break in the rim. The 14 karat gold rim is certainly contemporary, as is the inscription along the rim in gold: Chongo made and painted me 'Return of the Saucerman'. This work is currently on display, come see it up close and study the details.



Diego Romero (Cochiti Pueblo, b. 1964)
Return of the Saucer Man, ca. 2009
Hand built and coiled polychrome earthenware, natural pigment, 14 karat gold
Collection of the Tweed Museum of Art
Marguerite L. Gilmore Charitable Foundation Fund


Selections from the Collection

Alice Tweed Tuohy and Court Galleries


Ongoing (closed December 31, 2015)


Collection-based exhibitions comprised of selected thematic groupings.



Allen D. (Big Al) Carter (American, 1947-2008)

Sweep, 2001

acrylic, sand on board, 48 x 47 3/4

Collection Tweed Museum of Art, UMD

Marguerite L. Gilmore Charitable Foundation Fund




George Morrison: Horizons and Totems

Balcony Gallery Niche


Ongoing (closed December 31, 2015)

An artist who was influenced by the natural landscape, particularly that of Lake Superior, along with his Ojibwe heritage and an inuitive sense of design, order, and color.




Resurfaced and Reformed: Evolution in Studio Ceramics

Alice Tweed Tuohy Gallery


Sister Mary Charles: Engagement & Transcendence

Special Exhibition Gallery

Annual Student Exhibition

Special Exhibition Gallery

Blood Memoirs: Exploring Individuality, Memory and Culture through Portraiture
Visual Culture Lecture Series

Special Exhibition Gallery

Anne Labovitz : Composite Portraits

Special Exhibition Gallery

Reflections on Aging
University for Seniors Exhibition
July 2–31

Studio Gallery

Annual Student Exhibition
Encoded: Traditional Patterns/A Contemporary Response
Wayne Miller On Site: A Photographic Perspective
MniSota: Reflections of Time and Place
>>Please visit the MniSota: Reflections of Time and Place external website.
Paul Wandless: Clay + Print
Psychedelic Signatures: Rock Posters from the Andrew and Victoria Olson Collection
Our Treasures: Highlights from the Minnesota Museum of American Art
The Book of Revelation: A Graphic Interpretation by Hanson Ling
You and Yours: Images of Family -A Curatorial Project by Patricia Briggs
Brave, Strong, True: Selections from the Potlatch Collection of Royal Canadian Mounted Police Illustrations
Entertaining the Gods: Yarn Paintings of the Mexican Huichol
Blu Dot: The Real Good Chair
Vladimir Lobanov: Landscapes of the Russian North
The Atomic Edge: Design in Print Imagery
20th Century American Art Philip Evergood, Fletcher Martin, Gene Ritchie Monahan
Andy Warhol: Pop and Polaroid
Natural World Observed 2009
A Silent Unity of Gazes: The Photographic Vision of Luis González Palma
A Flow of Ideas: Selections from the Permanent Collection
Art for Hire: Prints from the Minnesota WPA
Form and Surface: Selections from the Glenn C. Nelson Collection
Selections from The Richard E. and Dorothy Rawlings Nelson Collection of American Indian Art
Ojibwe Inabandamowin (Ojibwe Dreams): Drawings by William Wilson
Framing the Collection: Select Works
Bright Life: Works on Paper by Karel Appel  
Work Through the Lens: Photographs from the Permanent Collection
Apart at the Seams: Paintings by Sylvia Schuster and Allen D. (Big Al) Carter
Honoring Tradition: Finnish and Sami-inspired Textiles
Draw to Live and Live to Draw: Prints and Illustrations by Wanda Gag
Drawings by Frank Big Bear
Unsoiled: Nature/Culture Themes in Clay
Fables and Pyramids
OF THEE I SEE: Paintings by Max-Carlos Martinez
At Home(s): A Window into the World of Duluth’s Collectors
Frances Myers- Print to Video
Turkish-American Projects in Art and Design
Archetypes and Armatures: Sculpture and Drawings by John Orth
From Dreams May We Learn: Paintings and Drawings by Rabbett Before Horses
Selections from the Potlatch Collection of Royal Canadian Mounted Police Illustrations
Black, White and Read All Over: Illustrations from the Tweed’s Permanent Collection
ORPHANS: Tile and Ornamentation from Lost Buildings
New Faculty Exhibition by Mariana Waisman
Eloquent Silences: Kyoung Ae Cho,Textiles and Wood Sculpture
Juan Logan: Material Connections – Drawings, Paintings, and Sculpture
Eastman Johnson: Paintings and Drawings of the Lake Superior Ojibwe
Sueño con Despertarme (A Dream of Awakening):Installation and paintings by Ana Marìa Hernando
Warrington Colescott: Selections from the History of Printmaking, Louisiana, and Last Judgment Series
WORKS ON PAPER from the Collection of Dr. Robert and Frances Leff
David Ericson: Always Returning The Life and Work of a Duluth Cultural Icon
The UMD Swenson Science Building: Architect, Artist, Engineer
Strategic Dysfunction: Parables of Fabrication
All Together Now
Spirals in Space and Time:  The Art of Leslie Bohnenkamp
Sue Johnson: The Alternate Encyclopedia
Architectural Art and The Process of Design:Recent Projects by Northern Minnesota Architects
Phil Choo:New Ending
Eun-Kyung Suh:Wearing of Our Tears
A Voice Within-Lake Superior Nudes and Horizon Series
Remnants of Resistance:Chilean Arpilleras
Betwixt and Between: The Life and Works of Dick Higgins
Contemporary Art and the Mathematical Instinct
Travel, Explore and Discover with Gilbert Munger
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