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Parking Options

Where should you park? 

Determining where you will park while visiting campus can be tricky.
Start by selecting your category below.


Students have four different parking permit options that are geared towards both on and off campus residents. The key difference between the parking zones is on-campus students are allowed parking overnight, where students living off-campus are not allowed to park overnight. 

Check out the different student parking options and find out which permit is best for you! 

If purchasing a permit is not an option, you may park for free on St. Marie Street and also on Junction Avenue. Overnight parking is not allowed on the street from 2am-5am, November 1 through May 31.

Leaving UMD mid-year? If so, your parking permit needs to be returned to the Transportation & Parking Services Office. We will credit your student account on a prorated basis. The permits are non-transferrable. 

Faculty & Staff

Like students, faculty & staff have multiple options for parking. Depending on what your specific needs entail, certain permits may work better for you. The faculty & staff parking includes a range of five options to choose from. 

Check out the different faculty & staff options and decide which permit best meets your needs. 


Just visiting for the day and need somewhere to park? UMD offers both meters and a pay lot for you to park your car during your stay on campus. Be sure to look at the campus parking map to find the lots designed for those visiting campus. 

Visitor parking options 

Accessible Parking

If you're in need of accessible parking while on campus, parking services allows up to 3 hours of parking in spots with a blue accessible parking sign or at any meter for those displaying an accessible license plate or temporary accessible permit. 

Learn more about where you can find accessible parking on campus. 


If you're a university contractor or vendor there are special permits available through parking services for you to park your vehicles. 

Please be sure to review the service vehicle policy for contractors. If interested in purchasing a permit, please visit our Transportation & Parking office at 202 Kirby Plaza. We accept credit cards, debit cards or checks.