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Accessible Parking

Accessible Parking

Parking OptionAvailable ToCost

(Including any applicable taxes)
EnforcedNot EnforcedOvernight Parking Allowed


  • parking sign

  • parking meter


Meter charge: $1.25/hour

Parking spot: Free (up to 3 hours)

Weekdays: 6am-5pm
  • Evenings: 5pm-2am**

  • Weekends: 5am-2am**

  • Designated Breaks*
Designated Reserve Accessible 

Students, Faculty & Staff***

$275/academic yearWeekdays: 6am-5pm, year-round
  • Evenings: 5pm-2am

  • Weekends:5am-2am

  • Designated Breaks*

*Designated Breaks include Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer

**Enforcement regulations are different for those at metered spots. Review the specific meter enforcement policies.

***Requires Doctor's referral