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Leadership Team (2012–2014)

The ACE Internationalization Lab Cohort took place from 2012-2014. If you have questions about current internationalization activities at UMD, please contact:

Karl Markgraf, Ph.D.
Chief International Officer
Director, International Programs & Services
(218) 726-8764

Below is the list of the ACE Internationalization Lab Cohort leadership team: 

(former) Professor, Department of Social Work
(Former) Director, International Education Office (2011-2016)
Director, Royal D. Alworth Jr. Institute for International Studies
(218) 726-7493
Associate Vice Chancellor for Graduate Education and Research
(218) 726-8826
Associate Vice Chancellor for Graduate Education and Research
(218) 726-6246
Associate Dean, Swenson College of Science and Engineering
(218) 726-7962
(Former) Instructor, Foreign Languages and Literature
(Former) International Student Advisor, Office of Cultural Diversity
Professor, Dept. of Theatre
(218) 726-8597
Faculty Fellow for Intercultural Initiatives
(218) 726-7860
Director, Office of Cultural Diversity
(218) 726-8444
(Former) Associate Vice Chancellor for Outreach and Online Delivery
(218) 726-7251
Professor, Department of Marketing
(218) 726-6817
Associate Professor, Department of Art & Design
(218) 726-8411