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Internationalization Goals

UMD Rockstar students high-fivingDuring fall semester 2013, the ILT identified campus goals related to internationalization. The internationalization review, a campus forum, and working groups addressing specific aspects of internationalization at UMD will provide a foundation for developing these goals. The ILT will then develop a systematic plan to achieve these identified goals. This plan will likely include a vision and mission for internationalization at UMD, action steps to achieve each of the identified goals, and objectives and measures to monitor achievement of the goals.

Internationalization Goals | April 2014

The University of Minnesota Duluth’s goals for internationalization closely align with campus goals identified in the 2011 Strategic Plan. These campus goals address:

  1. Undergraduate education
  2. Inclusive campus climate
  3. Graduate education
  4. Research & creative activities
  5. Ties with the community
  6. Sustainable infrastructure & resources.

The corresponding six goals for internationalization appear below:

Goal 1

UMD will support and increase participation in diverse, global, and intercultural curricular and co-curricular learning opportunities that prepare students to be globally competent citizens.

Goal 2

UMD will build an inclusive, welcoming and interactive campus by advancing international and intercultural perspectives in all aspects of campus life.

Goal 3

UMD will enhance graduate education to more fully integrate international and intercultural experiences.

Goal 4

UMD will expand internationally focused research, scholarship, and creative activities.

Goal 5

UMD will collaborate with the surrounding community to engage globally through strategic partnerships, student exchanges, research and creative activities, community-based learning, and public service.

Goal 6

UMD will create an organizational structure and provide sufficient human, financial and technological resources to support internationalization of the campus.