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Internationalization Review

Students studying on the lawnWork on the internationalization review began in October 2012 and was completed in August 2013. This comprehensive review examined all aspects of internationalization at UMD and was guided by a list of questions that focused the review. The review process included the following components:

• The ILT answered the questions in the review based on information available to the members, who have varied responsibilities related to international activities on campus.

• The deans and other representatives of the five collegiate units were interviewed during fall semester 2012 using an extensive list of questions relevant to their units.

• During spring semester 2013, ILT members and a faculty representative from each academic department worked together to collect faculty surveys and to conduct a focus group discussion with each department following a specified protocol.

• Staff surveys and focus groups were conducted during spring semester 2013.

• Data from previously conducted focus groups were integrated to provide students’ perspectives on internationalization. A student survey was conducted during September 2013 and integrated into the review report. The full student survey report can be found here. 

The ILT completed a draft of the report in early September 2013.

The report can be DOWNLOADED HERE.