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Trademark Licensing


All products that are imprinted with a UMD trademark require licensing, including internal use by academic and administrative departments, student organizations, and other internal units. These trademarks include the name of the university, the intercollegiate athletics logos and wordmarks, including "UMD Bulldogs," and all other identifying marks of the university.

Become a Licensed Vendor 

All manufacturers of products wishing to reproduce the trademarks of the University of Minnesota Duluth must enter into a non-exclusive trademark license agreement with the university through Learfield Learfield Licensing Partners, which serves as the trademark licensing agent for the University of Minnesota Duluth and handles all contract administration. 

If you are a new Learfield Licensing Partners vendor:

1. Visit Learfield Licensing Partners’ webpage to download an application:

2. Determine the appropriate license type for your company:

      • Standard:  products to be resold
      • Internal Usage:  products for sale only to University of Minnesota Duluth departments and organizations to be used for internal/non-resale use

3. Complete the application as directed.  Please note some of the requirements below:

      • $250 application fee
      • Company and product information
      • Product samples
      • Certificate of Insurance – must name the University of Minnesota Duluth as an additional insured.  $1,000,000 liability is required for standard products and a $3,000,000 policy is required for high-risk/consumable goods.
      • Please note of fields of the application may not be applicable to your company.  Please complete the application as thoroughly as possible to avoid any delays in processing.

4. A physical copy of the application, application fee check, product samples, and marketing plan should be mailed to the following address:

Learfield Licensing Partners

Attn:  License Application

8900 Keystone Crossing, Suite 605

Indianapolis, IN 46240

5. When your application is received, a member of Learfield Licensing Partners application team will contact you if additional materials are needed.  As mentioned above, a thoroughly completed application allows Learfield’s administration team to process your application as quickly as possible.  Typical processing time for an application is three to four weeks, but can be completed sooner if no materials are missing.

  • Once your license with UMD is effective, you will have access to Trademarx Online.  In Trademarx Online, you can obtain all of UMD’s vector files and a style guide, submit designs for approval, and report royalties each quarter.

If you are licensed with other Learfield Licensing Partners institutions:

  1. Please visit the following link to add the University of Minnesota Duluth to your contract:

  2. After your request has been submitted, a member of Learfield’s administration team will contact you with the required paperwork and payment invoice.  There is $100 add-a-school fee that may be pro-rated as Learfield Licensing’s contract year runs from July 1-June 30.

If you have additional questions after reviewing the application or need further assistance, please contact Learfield Licensing Partners at 317-669-0808 or

For more information, contact:

UMD Trademark Licensing

Mailing address
UMD Trademark Licensing
245 Kirby Plaza
1208 Kirby Drive
Duluth, MN 55812
Telephone number
(218) 726-8741
Fax number
(218) 726-7526
Email address