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In 1959, after researching UMD's Greek System, eight students concluded that there was need for another fraternal organization. Two of these eight first conceived the idea that ultimately led to the founding and organization of Alpha Nu Omega (ANO) social fraternity. Thomas W. Kraus and C. Gary Holzer began to transform their dreams into realities. They firmly believed a new fraternity would be of service to UMD and the Duluth community.

As a result, ANO became a successful and thriving organization. In its first decade, numerous UMD awards and honors were earned by Alpha including: five Outstanding Organization awards, three Certificates of Honor awards, and one Honorable Mention award. Its members were also key leaders in many campus and community organizations and received dozens of Bulldog, Arrowhead and Sieur du Luth awards. Close ties with UMD administration resulted in annual service projects throughout Duluth and annual social programs included events involving all students.

Since its founding, an important ANO objective has been to better UMD's academic standards. Recognizing that student leaders and the organizations they lead are essential components of a successful and positive educational experience; and given Alpha Nu Omega Alumni Association's long history of supporting members who exhibit leadership, academic success, and active participation in campus life with scholarships; the Alpha Nu Omega Alumni Association established the UMD Alpha Nu Omega Alumni Association Scholarship Fund, as part of UMD's Reaching Higher Scholarship Initiative, in September of 2008.

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Top row: Jerry Maeckelbergh, and Bill Peterson.
Bottom row: Richard Pease, Tom Kraus, Bob Pike.

Last fall, many members of the fraternity gathered on the UMD campus to celebrate their 50th Reunion and award their first UMD Alpha Nu Omega Alumni Association Reaching Higher Scholarship. The lasting imprint Alpha Nu Omega has made at UMD will be acknowledged years from now as future members continue to come back to UMD to celebrate their shared history.

The Alpha Nu Omega Alumni Association continues to embrace the principles set forth by their founders 50 years ago - service, leadership and academic achievement. Their gifts honor their belief that academic achievement and student leadership are important attributes to college and lifetime success. With their continued efforts, the legacy and history of Alpha Nu Omega will live in perpetuity through the upcoming generations of scholars who will be supported by and rewarded with Alpha Nu Omega Alumni Association Scholarships at UMD.