Math 1290 Calculus for Modeling
(soon to be renamed to Calculus for the Natural Sciences)

Fall 2000
Prof. Peckham

Homework, Labs and Tests


Homework Grading Notes:

Not all problems will be graded on each HW set. Typically a certain number will be chosen to grade, while the rest will be only checked to see whether they have been completed. A certain number of points will be assigned for these ungraded problems. For example, 5 points for the ungraded problems might be distributed as follows, depending on how much of the assignment is done: 100% 5 90% 4 70% 3 50% 2 25% 1 The first mistake in an incorrect problem is at least circled, but corrections are not necessarily made by the grader. It is up to you to ask about anything you do not completely understand.

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