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Project 1: Annotation of a Text

On the Web, create an electronic version of a single, linear text that would benefit from linked annotations to supplemental words, images, maps, etc. on other Web pages

The main points of this assignment are

  • to choose a print text that needs annotation, either to be understood fully or to be read in the way you want an audience to understand it (satirically, analytically, historically, etc.).
  • to create useful annotations that fully accomplish your purpose above
  • to produce text/hypertext hybrid: that is, a central page (an electronic simulation of a traditional text) with hypertext links to pages or windows that supplement and comment upon words and passages of that page
  • to design this electronic text/hypertext so readers don't "lose" the main page (mistaking this annotated text for a conventional Web site) or unexpectedly find themselves off site altogether
  • to provide visual keys on the main page to indicate where annotations are available without interfering excessively with the integrity and readabiity of the original.

Here are some sample, Web-based texts with hypertext annotations. Some of them are pretty rough! How well do you think each of them realizes the goals above? How do the design and content of these annotated texts suggest varied purposes and uses?