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Project 5: Essay from Discussion

Write an seven-to-ten-page analytical essay in which you consider a question or topic from our online discussions of the readings.

Though you are writing this essay conventionally as an individual print author, try experimentally to incorporate the collaborative, interactive voices of the online discussion. In essence, you are wrapping an "author function" around some thread of the discussion, making it your essay, your property, your voice.

Your essay should also include quotations from and analysis of George Landow's book Hypertext 2.0, as you would conventionally do in an analytical essay.

The main points of this assignment are

  • to specify and develop a particular question or tension raised by Landow concerning New Media Writing
  • to experiment with incorporating interactive, collaborative discussions into an individual analysis
  • to develop techniques for recognizing and coordinating multiple voices/perspectives in a linear essay
  • to transition projects between the digital and print realms
  • to apply an idea from Landow/class discussion to readings of specific examples
  • to produce a more interesting and subtle discussion/analysis than if you were simply working alone analyzing Landow