Pass the mouse pointer over regions within the map to display different images.

North America Alaska Greenland Canada Contigous 48 states Mexico

In this exercise, we'll use Javascript to take an imagemap like we created before and make it interactive like the one here. These and other Javascript capabilities are discussed in Towers' Dreamweaver book, pages 199-200, and 512-515.

Now that you've seen the model above, do the following:

  1. in your "exercises" folder, make a new folder called "javademo"
  2. right click on each of the images below and save them into the folder "javademo"
  3. go on to the following page in Netscape (but finish reading these directions first!)
  4. save the page ("example.html") into your new "javademo" folder using the browser's File > Save command.
  5. finally, open "example.html" in Dreamweaver and then follow the directions at the bottom of that page

Also see the version that uses the Hide/Show Layers action of Java Script to add additional interaction.