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Design Theory of Alex Rosa—a meeting in celebration of Alex Rosa's 70th birthday organized by IAS, University of Washington, Tacoma; Mathematical Institute of the Slovak Academy of Sciences; and Department of Applied Informatics and Information Technology, Slovak University of Technology.

The conference will take place July 2-6, 2007 (the week preceding the British Combinatorial Conference) in the Conference Center SUZA in Bratislava, Slovakia. Bratislava is the birthplace of Alex.

If you are tentatively interested in participating in the conference please send us a short e-mail and we will put you on the conference mailing list. This will help us tremendously with booking rooms in SUZA.

Invited speakers

Charles Colbourn, Arizona State University
Jeff Dinitz, University of Vermont
Pavol Hell, Simon Fraser University
Curt Lindner, Auburn University
Spyros Magliveras, Florida Atlantic University
Rudolf Mathon, University of Toronto
Chris Rodger, Auburn University
Vojtech Rodl, Emory University
Gert Sabidussi, Universit
é de Montréal

Richard Wilson, Caltech

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