CS 2511 Calendar

Fall 2014

Date Topic or Reading Due

Tue Sep 2 Syllabus, A Crash Course in Java
Thu Sep 4 A Crash Course in Java
Fri Sep 5 Introduction to Netbeans

Mon Sep 8 LEX1
Tue Sep 9 A Crash Course in Java, Discuss PA1
Wed Sep 10 LEX1
Thu Sep 11 A Crash Course in Java
Fri Sep 12 Java Exceptions

Mon Sep 15 LEX2
Tue Sep 16 The Object-Oriented Design Process
Wed Sep 17 LEX2
Thu Sep 18 The Object-Oriented Design Process, Discuss PA2
Fri Sep 19 UML Diagrams PA1

Mon Sep 22 LEX3
Tue Sep 23 Guidelines for Class Design
Wed Sep 24 LEX3
Thu Sep 25 Guidelines for Class Design
Fri Sep 26 Encapsulation, Interface Types

Mon Sep 29 LEX4
Tue Sep 30 Interfaces and Polymorphism
Wed Oct 1 LEX4
Thu Oct 2 Interfaces and Polymorphism
Fri Oct 3 Midterm Exam Review PA2

Mon Oct 6 LEX5
Tue Oct 7 Midterm Exam 1
Wed Oct 8 LEX5
Thu Oct 9 Objects in a Graphical User Interface, Swing Components
Fri Oct 10 Using Swing

Mon Oct 13 LEX6
Tue Oct 14 Swing Containers, Swing Layout, Discuss PA3
Wed Oct 15 LEX6
Thu Oct 16 Inheritance and Abstract Classes
Fri Oct 17 Java Graphics

Mon Oct 20 LEX7
Tue Oct 21 Graphs, Graph Framework
Wed Oct 22 LEX7
Thu Oct 23 Graph Search Algorithms, Graph Searches, Graph Search Implementation
Fri Oct 24 Graphs PA3

Mon Oct 27 LEX8
Tue Oct 28 State Space Search, Discuss PA4
Wed Oct 29 LEX8
Thu Oct 30 Informed State Space Search
Fri Oct 31 State Space Search

Mon Nov 3 LEX9
Tue Nov 4 Informed State Space Search, Efficient Priority Queues
Wed Nov 5 LEX9
Thu Nov 6 Enhancing Informed Search, Hash Tables
Fri Nov 7 Binary Heaps, Midterm Exam Review PA4

Mon Nov 10 LEX10
Tue Nov 11 Midterm Exam 2
Wed Nov 12 LEX10
Thu Nov 13 The Java Object Model, Discuss PA5
Fri Nov 14 Hash Tables

Mon Nov 17 LEX11
Tue Nov 18 The Java Object Model
Wed Nov 19 LEX11
Thu Nov 20 Graph Editor Framework
Fri Nov 21 NetBeans GUI Builder

Mon Nov 24 LEX12 PA5
Tue Nov 25 Multithreading, Discuss PA6
Wed Nov 26 LEX12
Thu Nov 27 Thanksgiving Holiday
Fri Nov 28 Thanksgiving Holiday

Mon Dec 1 LEX13
Tue Dec 2 Multithreading
Wed Dec 3 LEX13
Thu Dec 4 JavaScript
Fri Dec 5 Java Threads, JavaScript

Mon Dec 8 LEX14
Tue Dec 9 JavaScript, jQuery
Wed Dec 10 LEX14
Thu Dec 11 Graphics in Web Pages
Fri Dec 12 Review for Final Exam PA6

Thu Dec 18 Final Exam, 12:00 P.M. — 1:55 P.M.