Homework P&H Ch. 2

Answer the following questions about Patterson and Hennessy, Chapter 2. You only need to turn in those that have a point count assigned.

  1. (1 point) Briefly describe the fields for each of the MIPS instruction coding types.
    1. R-type
    2. I-type
    3. J-type
  2. (1 point) Which instruction coding type is used for each of the following:
    1. register arithmetic instructions
    2. immediate operand arithmetic instructions
    3. load and store instructions
    4. conditional branch instructions
    5. J and JAL instructions
    6. JR and JALR instructions
  3. (1 point) What would you do with arithmetic-logic unit (ALU) in a load or store instruction?
  4. Suppose a processor uses special circuitry outside the ALU for all new program counter (PC) value computations. What would you do with the ALU in a conditional branch instruction?
  5. (1 point) What does a scanner (lexical analyzer) do?
  6. How do compiler symbol tables differ from assembler symbol tables?
  7. (1 point) What is just-in-time (JIT) compilation?
  8. (1 point) What is the most important benefit of compiling into the machine language of a virtual machine?