CS 2521 Syllabus

Fall 2015

CS 2521 Course Description

Course Text and Resources

Topics and Readings

Course Objectives

In previous computer science courses you learned programming using the high-level programming language C++. High-level languages are designed to specify programs without regard to the machine on which the program runs. Thus programmers need not be concerned with the details of coding and arranging information or specifying operations in a manner that is understood by the machine.

In this course we will take a look behind the scenes. We will see how machines code the various kinds of data and instructions, how they handle input and output, how they implement control structures, how they are organized using logic circuits, and how system software provides an interface to computer systems.

Grading Basis

Item Points Percent
Midterm Exam 1 100 20%
Midterm Exam 2 100 20%
Final Exam 150 30%
Programming Assignments (8) 80 16%
Homework (13) 70 14%
Total 500 100%

The final grades will be based on the 500 point total. Generally:

These grade cutoffs will never be raised; but they may be lowered.

Exam Dates

Exam Coverage Date
Midterm Exam 1 Ch. 1, 2, App. A Wednesday, October 7
Midterm Exam 2 Ch. 3, 4, App. B Monday, November 16
Final Exam Ch. 5-7‡ Friday December 18, 2:00PM — 3:55PM

‡ Approximately 30% of the final exam will be over material covered on the midterm exams.

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