The Program

The LMC Editor, Assembler and Simulator is a program for developing assembly language programs for the Little Man Computer (LMC), described in "The Architecture of Computer Hardware and System Software", by Irv Englander. As its name suggests, it contains an editor, an assembler, and a simulator for the Little Man Computer. It can be run either as an applet or as a stand-alone application.

Running the Program As an Applet

For security reasons, when you run this program as an applet you do not have access to your file system. This means that you cannot read any of your own files or save your work. You can, however, access some built-in examples. You can edit, assemble, load, and run these examples to get a feel for how the program works. To look at the examples, click on the "Examples" button in the LMC Editor window.

For a good overview of how to use this program, try selecting the first four examples in order. The example program files contain instructions on their use.

Running the Program As a Stand-Alone Application

When you are logged into either bulldog or one of the computers in HH 314, either directly or through an XWin-32 connection, you can execute the program by giving the following command at the UNIX prompt:


Downloading the Program

You can run the program on any machine that has a Java Software Development Kit. To download the program just click on the following link while holding down the shift key: LMC.jar.

On a Windows platform, you should be able to run the program just by double-clicking on the file that you downloaded.

This program has not been checked on a Macintosh platform. There, you probably need OS X, which comes with a Java Software Development Kit. I have heard rumors that it is buggy, but give it a try if you have a Mac with OS X. Let me know how it works.

Version History

If you have downloaded a copy of the program, check this web page occasionally for new versions. The applet on this web page and the stand-alone application on UMD machines will use the latest version in the following list.

The Applet

You may have problems getting all of the text entry areas to work correctly in the applet version. These problems should go away if you download version 1.4.2 of the Java software development kit and install its plugin into your browser. You can also try the following hack: move another window over you browser window, move the mouse over the window, then move the mouse back to the browser window.