Homework Assignment 2

CS 3011

5 points, Due Thursday, September 27

The following should be turned in.

  1. (1 points) Convert -23510 to a 16-bit 2s complement number. Give your answer in hexadecimal.
  2. (1 points) Convert the 16-bit 2s complement number fa32 to signed decimal.
  3. (1 points) Briefly describe the representation of IEEE 754 double precision floating-point numbers.
  4. (1 points) What does a linker do?
  5. (1 points) What does a loader do?

Give the following some thought but you need not turn them in.

  1. What part of an IEEE 754 floating-point number determines its precision? What part determines its range?
  2. What is meant by relocation? Why is it needed?
  3. What are the advantages of dynamic linking and loading?