Homework Assignment 4

CS 3011

5 points, Due Thursday, November 8

The following should be turned in.

  1. (1 point) What is the principal of locality?
  2. (1 point) How do caches take advantage of locality to improve performance?
  3. (1 point) Briefly describe the two ways of representing images.
  4. (2 points) Draw a diagram showing the life cycle of processes/threads. Your diagram should label both states and transitions.

Give the following some thought but you need not turn them in.

  1. What is a common configuration for primary storage caches in recent processors?
  2. List three types of display technology.
  3. List three types of printing technology.
  4. Briefly describe how inkjet printing works.
  5. Briefly describe how laser printing works.
  6. What kind of conversion is needed for audio input and output?
  7. What are processes and threads? How are they related and how do they differ?