Lab Exercise 1

Some Useful Networking Tools

For this lab exercise, you will learn about some UNIX commands for getting information about internet hosts, domains, and routing. These commands are described in the web page Networking Tools. Spend a few minutes looking over these commands to get an idea what they do and how to use them.

Logging in to ukko

The exact syntax of these commands varies from one UNIX machine to another. The web pages describe their use on the CS department ukko machine, so you will need to log on to this machine.

If you are working from a Mac or UNIX platform you can use the ssh command to start a secure login shell to ukko. If you are working on a Windows platform you can use the PuTTY program to start a secure login shell. Your TA will describe how to start this program.

After you have established a secure login to ukko, follow the instructions below and write down answers to each of the questions in the following sections. You should turn in your answers at the end of the lab period. Be sure to put the course and your name and student ID at the top of the paper that you turn in.

Using Ping

Use ping to answer the following questions.

Using Nslookup

Use nslookup to answer the following questions.

Using Traceroute

Begin by using traceroute to get route traces to the following locations.

Record any information that you need to answer the following questions.

Also answer the following questions. The answers are out there on the network. You can find them using either network searches or clever guesses for web site URLs.