JSF has six libraries of tags that can be used in JSF pages. They are listed below. This presentation focuses on JSF HTML tags, but has brief descriptions of plain HTML tags and JSF Core tags. It also provides several example web applications that use these tags and resources.

Library Namespace Identifier Common
Core http://xmlns.jcp.org/jsf/core f here
HTML http://xmlns.jcp.org/jsf/html h here
Facelets http://xmlns.jcp.org/jsf/facelets ui here
Composite Components http://xmlns.jcp.org/jsf/composite composite
JSTL Core http://xmlns.jcp.org/jsp/jstl/core c here
JSTL Functions http://xmlns.jcp.org/jsp/jstl/functions fn here

The core library contains the tags that are independent of HTML rendering. Most of the core tags represent objects you add to components, such as the following:

These tags are described where they are used in JSF HTML tags.

This section provides links to and file listings of actual applications described in chapter 4.