This section describes the team project's analysis document, which includes a:

This section serves as an executive summary of the proposed application.

It should clearly and distinctly describe:

The domain is the general field of business or technology in which your clients will use your web application.

Domain analysis is the process by which your team learns about the domain to better understand (i) the problem you are solving, or (ii) the need you are filling, or (iii) the opportunity you are exploiting.

Proper domain analysis is required to insure:
Develop a set of use cases for all of the important user interaction scenarios envisioned for your application. Use the format described in the CS 2511 case study example.

Each use case should be given a name, and use case inclusion relationships should be indicated where appropriate.

The analysis document will be graded based on: The document must be formatted using PDF and given the name:
where n is your team number.

The document is due by 8:00pm on Friday, October 23. It can be submitted in your Google Drive team folder.

Example X

Example Y

Example Z