CS 5741 Calendar

Fall 2009 - Module 1

References to GHJV indicate chapters in the Design Patterns textbook or CD.

Date Readings and Topics Due
TueSep 8
WedSep 9 Course Introduction, HW1
FriSep 11 GHJV Introduction
MonSep 14 GHJV Introduction
TueSep 15 HW2, PA1 HW1
WedSep 16 Object-Oriented Principles, Dynamic Behavior
FriSep 18 GHJV Observer, GHJV Strategy
MonSep 21 GHJV Composite, GHJV Visitor
TueSep 22 HW3, PA2 HW2, PA1
WedSep 23 GHJV State
FriSep 25 Encapsulation Patterns, GHJV Memento, GHJV Iterator
MonSep 28 GHJV Facade
TueSep 29 HW4, PA3 HW3, PA2
WedSep 30 Types and Classes, Variables Have Types, Objects Have Classes, The Java Language Specification (section 4.5.5 only)
FriOct 2 Dispatch and Subtyping, Dispatch and Inheritance, A Subtyping Question
MonOct 5 GHJV Chain of Responsibility, GHJV Prototype
TueOct 6 HW5 HW4, PA3
WedOct 7 GHJV Singleton
FriOct 9 Review for EX1
MonOct 12 EX1