The CS 5741 project involves enhancing the functionality of jsLib in several ways. Like any real-world project, the directions that enhancement may take are not fully known. I have several ideas, but you mey come up with others.

Your work on the project will be a cooperative effort using CVS (Concurrent Versions System), which is easiest to manage using NetBeans. In a versioning system, there is a repository that contains all of your code. You can check out all or parts of the code to a local working directory. You can make changes to the code there without affecting the code that other teammates are working with. After you have the changes working correctly you can commit your changes to the repository.

Since this project involves web pages using a JavaScript library that you are modifying, testing requires using a web browser. Some aspects of the library require http: urls and will not work with file: urls. Consequently you need a web server for testing.

The repository for this project is already set up. You will start by going through a setup process on your own computers that checks out the existing version of jsLib, sets up a NetBeans project using the checked out code, and sets up an Apache web server that accesses html and xhtml files in the project.