Most of the content of this web site is bundled into a JavaFX Reference presentation, an application described in the next section. In addition there are four summary PDFs for the first four parts of the presentation:

The FX Reference Application

The top pane in the FX Reference program is a minimalist web browser that only views a web presentation about the primary types of objects in a JavaFX application, or one of its major subsections. The presentation has numerous example applets along with their code.

When you navigate the presentation to a page that has an applet it is displayed in the bottom pane of the FX Reference program. For each applet there are also reference pages linked into the web browser pane from Oracle's tutorial and class documentation web sites.

Downloading the Application

The application is bundled in a Jar file that can be downloaded here. If your computer has the Java run-time system installed you should be able to execute the program by double clicking on the icon for the Jar file.

Using the Application

You can bring up a dialog for setting the font size for the presentation text and applets with the F12 keyboard key. You can toggle between normal size and full-screen display by clicking on the F11 keyboard key.

You can navigate through the presentation using either the menu on its left or your keyboard arrow keys. You can get more information on navigation in the browser pane here.

Note: When you operate controls in an applet it gets the focus. This means that characters typed at the keyboard are sent to the applet so keyboard navigation for the web browser pane does not work. To get it working again just click somewhere in the web browser pane.