Note: This file is no longer being maintained. The maintained version is here.

The jsLib software is designed for producing complex web presentations with a cascading menu for navigating through individual slides. A presentation can have content coming from many different web pages. This web presentation is a complex example. Its content comes from several dozen different web pages.

Every nontrivial presentation has two panes. On the right is the content pane. It contains the text that you are reading right now. On the left is a navigation pane. It generally contains a cascade of menus, though only one menu is showing now.

The documentation for the jsLib software is divided into three major sections.

This documentation is not yet complete. The viewer and developer parts are nearing completion. The implementation documentation need quite a bit more work.


The current implementation of jsLib works correctly on FireFox, Chromium and Safari browsers. It does not work on Internet Explorer or Opera. It has not been tested on Microsoft Edge.

jsLib presentations generally have too much visual complexity for use on smart phones. Also, the lack of a keyboard precludes the use of keyboard navigation.

They are usable on tablets for people with good eyesight and tiny fingers. This use has only been tested on a recent Android tablet using both FireFox and Chrome browsers. There, everything worked correctly, but again, navigation is difficult due to the lack of a keyboard.