EdSe3204 Fall 06:
General Instructional Methods (4 cr)

Helen Mongan-Rallis
Julia Williams
Trudie Hughes

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Overview of Block 1 Assignments for Apprenticeship

This page provides an overview of the assignments that we are asking you to do while you are out in your apprenticeship site, to go along with General Methods (Trudie, Julia, Helen), Ed. Psy (Dan) and Middle School Apprenticeship (Mike). Be sure to refer to Dan and Mike's guidelines for specifics on their assignments; however, we wanted you to be able to see a list of all assignments in one place.

1. Creating inclusive learning environment

  • Helen: Getting to Know Students & Creating An Inclusive Learning Environment. This assignment provides guidelines for observing and engaging in activities at your apprenticeship site to learn about how to get to know students and create an inclusive learning environment. You will then be asked to share your findings and your reflections on these in an online WebX discussion (details will be emailed to you to alert you as to when to begin sharing your findings in WebX).
  • Dan: Dan's assignment takes this a step further, beyond getting to know your students, beyond planning the physical learning environment, and beyond thinking about how to bring community resources in. He has you apply what you have learned about classroom management as he has you develop Inclusive Environment and Management Plan that contributes to the self-esteem of all persons and to positive interpersonal relations. See Dan's Assignment #2.

2. Lesson planning & teaching:

You are required to plan and teach at least one lesson at your apprenticeship site. All three of our block classes have an assignment about this, but you need only do one plan. However, each of your instructors has asked you to use this assignment for different tasks so that you use it to apply what you have learned in our respective classes

3. Teaching Strategies Matrix

Create a matrix that contains teaching strategies learned in all Block One classes and at Apprenticeship site. There are 3 parts to this assignment:

  • Helen: complete the matrix, assembling a collection of a wide range of strategies
  • Mike: Once you have assembled the matrix, pick your top 10
  • Dan: Will have you do an activity with one of these strategies when you return from your apprenticeship for the last week of classes.

4. Assessment


  • Group analysis and revision of rubric (details will be sent to you via email)
  • WebX discussion on interview with your cooperating teacher and on your observations of feedback and assessments used in your classes (you will be emailed to alert you to when to begin this WebX discussion).

5. SpEd reflections on interview


  • Conduct an observation of 2 students in your classroom and collect data on behaviors
  • interview a general and special education teacher and write up a paper on the interview

6. Perspectives on Professionalism

7. Blog: Making Sense and Meaning of What You Are Learning


  • You each set up a blog in EdSe 3204. Here is where you will begin to add entries to this.
  • This assignment is not intended to be an extra assignment and burden to you while you are out in the schools, but rather a place for you to make sense and meaning of what you are learning in a free-flow style reflection.
  • Please post at least one entry per week during the 4 weeks of your apprenticeship, sharing a couple of highlights from your week. For some, your entries may be a brief few lines, while others may find that you enjoy this opportunity to journal online, sharing your experiences and thoughts with your classmates -- and potentially a much wider audience.
  • Try to read the blogs of at least 2 other people from our class, and make comments (supportive!) so they know you are out there in cybserspace sharing their journey with them. Helen has subscribed to all your blogs and will be with you too:)
  • VERY IMPORTANT: Know that anyone can read your blog if they know it is there, so write it with sensitivity and respect for the people who are the subjects of your blog (e.g. your cooperating teacher, your students, and the family members of your students could be reading your blog). At all times you must keep confidential the names of your students, teachers, and your school name.


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