EdSe3204 Fall 06:
General Instructional Methods (4 cr)

Helen Mongan-Rallis
Julia Williams
Trudie Hughes

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Peer Teaching 2

Guidelines for planning and teaching:

  1. In your group, develop a lesson plan in a subject and topic of your choice, but using within the lesson your chosen teaching method. This plan should follow the UBD framework and include all parts. Turn in the plan to Helen (email as attachment or load as attachment onto a wiki, and give Helen the URL).
  2. On Monday in class, your group will have 10 minutes to teach the part of the lesson that uses your assigned method (you won't teach the whole lesson plan -- just the part that involves your assigned method).
  3. Following the lesson, give a 5 minute overview of your teaching strategy, explaining and describing your strategy and discussing how your lesson illustrated the key components of this strategy. Turn in written lesson overview to Helen (email as attachment or load as attachment onto a wiki, and give Helen the URL). Include references to sources that you used for this.
  4. Following each group's lesson and presentation, as a class we will discuss each group's use of their chosen strategy.

Section 1:

  1. Group 1: Drill and practice
  2. Group 2: Interactive discussion
  3. Group 3: Games
  4. Group 4: Independent study

Section 2:

  1. Group 1 "Fisica": Inquiry
  2. Group 2 "The last shall be first": Structured controversy
  3. Group 3 "Team exquisite": Role Playing.
  4. Group 4: Jigsaw

Guidelines for analysis of planning and teaching:

  1. On your own, in preparation for our in-class activity on Wednesday, review the lesson plan rubric.
  2. Using this rubric, reflect on your group's lesson plan and teaching of your lesson. Come to class with a written draft of your reflection, briefly noting key points about your group's effectiveness in each domain listed on the rubric.
    Note: at this stage of Block 1, we expect you to be striving for level 1 on the rubric. Level 1 does not equate to a grade, but rather is the standard we expect for you at this point. As you progress through your apprenticeship, you will become more aware of ways to increase your planning & teaching skills to move towards level 3 and for some, beyond that. The key is that you become aware of how your planning and teaching compares the the standard for each domain, and that you begin to identify ways in which you can develop your skills.

For example, the first domain states: "A teacher must understand how students learn and develop and must provide learning opportunities that support a student's intellectual, social, and personal development." Look over your group's plan and your teaching of your strategy, and

  • (a) identify where on the rubric you would rate these
  • (b) list reasons for your rating, noting what you did accomplish and what you would need to to to develop your plan & teaching to improve on this domain.Do this for each of the domains (all 6).

In class on Wednesday you will work as a group to combine your ideas to produce one lesson analysis per group (which you will then turn in).

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