EdSe3204 Fall 06:
General Instructional Methods (4 cr)

Helen Mongan-Rallis
Julia Williams
Trudie Hughes

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Peer Teaching 1: Two Minute Lesson Assignment Directions

Prepare a 2 minute lesson that you will teach during class:

Pick something that you can realistically teach within 2 minutes. As you prepare this lesson, be thinking about:

  1. what you want students to learn and be able to do as a result of your lesson
  2. who your students are
  3. how you will know at the end of the lesson if they have learned what you want them to learn

Following the teaching of your lesson:

Write a 1/2 - 1 page analysis on your teaching, reflecting on what you learned about teaching and yourself as a result of your 2 minute peer teaching experience. In your analysis, include (but don't limit yourself to) comments on the following:

  • the extent to which your teaching & your lesson reflected your beliefs about students & teaching.
  • if your students achieved your objectives (what you wanted them to be able to learn & do as a result of the lesson) -- and how you know this
  • Go to our Peer teaching 1 wiki and describe your biggest "aha" from this peer teaching experience. When you add your comments, put them on the wiki in a place that makes the most sense given what other people are writing, so that if others have said the same kind of thing as you were going to say, build on what they have said related to the issue that you raise. Also raise questions of others, and respond to questions raised by others. Following your comment/question, place your first name and initial of last name in parentheses.

Turn in assignment:

Paste your analysis into an e-mail and send it to Helen at hrallis@d.umn.edu no later than 5:00 p.m. Friday Sept. 27th.

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