EdSe3204 Fall 06:
General Instructional Methods (4 cr)

Helen Mongan-Rallis
Julia Williams
Trudie Hughes

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Teaching Strategies Matrix

Alignment with MN Standards of Effective Practice

  1. 2A.  know how to use instructional strategies that promote student learning
  2. 2F.  link new ideas to familiar ideas; make connections to a student's experiences
  3. 2F. provide opportunities for active engagement, manipulation, and testing of ideas and materials; and encourage students to assume responsibility for shaping their learning tasks;
  4. 3H.  understand cultural and community diversity; and know how to learn about and incorporate a student's experiences, cultures, and community resources into instruction;
  5. 3O.  use information about students' families, cultures, and communities as the basis for connecting instruction to students' experiences;
  6. 4C.  understand principles and techniques, along with advantages and limitations, associated with various instructional strategies;
  7. 4D.  enhance learning through the use of a wide variety of materials and human and technological resources;
  8. 4J.  vary the instructional process to address the content and purposes of instruction and the needs of students
  9. 5I.  establish peer relationships to promote learning
  10. 5M.  engage students in individual and group learning activities that help them develop the motivation to achieve, by relating lessons to students' personal interests, allowing students to have choices in their learning, and leading students to ask questions and pursue problems that are meaningful to them and the learning;
  11. 6D.  know effective verbal, nonverbal, and media communication techniques


To create a matrix that contains teaching strategies learned in all Block One classes and at Apprenticeship site. This matrix will be used specifically in Dan's Educational Psychology class, Mike Gabler's Apprenticeship class, and hopefully as a reference tool when you are designing lessons for Apprenticeship, student teaching, and beyond!

Note: This assignment forms part 1 of this series of assigments; Mike's is part 2 (where you pick the top 10 strategies) and Dan's in part 3.


  1. Download the teaching strategies matrix (Microsoft Word file)
  2. Use the matrix in all your Block One classes and your Apprenticeship site classes (have it with you for all classes so that you can fill it in). Whenever a teaching strategy is either taught explicitly or implicitly add this to you matrix!
  3. Your Block One instructors may ask you to take our the matrix to review some of the strategies demonstrated during the class. But even if they don't, you should be sure to add to it every time you experience or observe a new strategy.
  4. The more strategies you have in the matrix, the better! The more you have here (a) the more you will have to draw on when you teach in your apprenticeships, student teaching and beyond (b) the stronger you will be prepared for sharing your accumulated wisdom at job interviews (so having this in your portfolio will be a big help!).
  5. Because it's a Microsoft Word file feel free to manipulate the matrix to fit your needs. Just be sure that you incorporate the following:
    • name of strategy
    • definition - brief, clear description the strategy
    • pros - what are the good things about this strategy and when is a good time to use it
    • cons - what are the bad things about this strategy and when is it not a good time to use it


Teaching Strategies Matrix


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