EdSe3204 Fall 06:
General Instructional Methods (4 cr)

Helen Mongan-Rallis
Julia Williams
Trudie Hughes

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Writing Objectives & Lesson Planning

Content Standard(s):

7F.  design lessons and activities that operate at multiple levels to meet the developmental and individual needs of students and to help all progress

Understanding (s)/goals:

1. Understand how to write meaningful objectives that "drive" good assessment, planning, teaching & learning.
2. Understand how to plan effectively using the UBD format.


Essential Question(s):

Why should teachers write lesson plans?
Why do we learn how to write lesson plans when our teachers in the schools don't do this much?

Student objectives (outcomes):

As a result of today's class on Writing Objectives & Lesson Planning, students will be able to:

  1. write objectives at each level of Bloom's taxonomy
  2. critique their own and others' objective
  3. create lesson plans using the UBD format (see UBD guide and UBD blank) (Also: download UBD as Word doc)
  4. critique their own and others' lesson plans in terms of effective use of the elements of lesson design and in terms of content (see lesson plan rubric)


Performance Task(s):

1. Create list of objectives at each level of Bloom (and post on your wiki)
2. Develop lesson plan (a) practice example on technology mini lesson (b) for peer teaching (c) in apprenticeship lesson
3. Reflect on your planning and teaching of your lesson

Other Evidence:

1. Posting comments on others' wikis
2. In class test

Learning Activities:

  1. Materials & resources:
    1. web page guidelines on objectives, plans; links to examples
    2. student wikis

  2. Introductory activities (with timeline for each)
    1. Pre-activity: Using Skype: example of how to teach with technology [10 mins]
    2. Pre-test: (a) write objectives at each level. (b) What is the hardest part about writing objectives? Which ones are most difficult? (b) what is the relationship between objectives, assessment, and lesson planning? [10 mins]
    3. Why write objectives and plans? Discuss [5 mins]
  3. Developmental activities: (with timeline for each):
    1. Review (a) objectives reading (b) examples of objectives that are on wikis so far [10 mins]
    2. At your tables, try writing objectives for a lesson on teaching students about how to blog. [10 mins]
    3. Send-a-problem: pass your objectives to next group for critique. Discuss. [10 mins]
    4. UBD format: analysis of what this is and how to use it.[5 mins]
    5. Elements of lesson design: the "worm" approach [5 mins]
    6. Take your objectives and create a short lesson, using UBD format. [15 mins]
    7. Share your UBD plan with each other. Critique & questions. [15 mins]

  4. Closing activities: (with timeline for each)
    1. Revisit essential questions [5 mins]
    2. Discuss homework assignment: [5 mins]
      1. How do "real" teachers plan? Search the Internet for examples of lesson plans, and critique what you find.
      2. Review links on course schedule about teaching strategies. Come to class prepared to explain differences among the strategies
      3. Post objectives on your wiki

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