Teacher Performance Assessment for UMD Student Teachers

Developed by UMD student teaching supervisor group headed by Jill Torres (this page posted by Helen Mongan-Rallis). If you have questions about TPA email jtorres@d.umn.edu. If you have changes to suggest to this web page and to the FAQ page, please email hrallis@d.umn.edu

Links to download documents for each area:

Pearson has asked that we share these documents over a secure network only to participants in this pilot at UMD, so I have posted the documents on a Moodle site and given access to this to all student teachers and cooperating teachers. You can download them from there [if you are a UMD student teacher or faculty member the link below does NOT work for you, please email jtorres@d.umn.edu and ask her to add you to the site so that you can access the documents.

Go to Moodle Student Teaching Site to dowload zip file

Other links:

FAQ about TPA

Next UMD student teacher TPA workshop: