"How to" Guideline series is coordinated by Helen Mongan-Rallis of the Education Department at the University of Minnesota Duluth. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions to improve these guidelines please me at e-mail hrallis@d.umn.edu.

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Helen's "How To" Guidelines

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This site contains various guidelines developed to assist people in using a variety of computer applications and tools. Some of the guidelines have been designed for specific classes or workshops taught by Helen Mongan-Rallis but are included here as they may be of use to a broader audience. The authors are listed next to the tutorial name (unless just the link to a third-party tutorial is included and the author is unknown).

Creative Commons License
All work created by Helen Mongan-Rallis is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

Tools for enhancing teaching and learning

Google apps (docs, slides, sheets...)

  1. How to share Google Doc giving users comment/suggestion (but not editing) rights (3:17 YouTube video with CC) (by Helen Mongan-Rallis,10/19/14)
  2. Google Drive Basics (signing in, creating documents, sharing) (by Helen Mongan-Rallis, 9/23/14)
  3. Using Google Groups at UMD (by Helen Mongan-Rallis,9/25/14)
  4. How to share the link to a file uploaded into Google Drive - in this case, sharing a link to a video (by Helen Mongan-Rallis, Jan 7, 2015)

Guidelines related to web page development:

  1. Contribute: downloading Contribute and Contribute basics (by Helen Mongan-Rallis based on workshop by Casey Wagner, June 2005) U
  2. HTML basics by Dan Kernler (developed Spring 2000).
  3. How To Insert a Streaming Video onto Web Page (by Helen Mongan-Rallis with guidance from Bruce Reeves).
  4. Dreamweaver:
  5. To compress files for downloading off the web (by Helen Mongan-Rallis)
  6. Web Development & Design 101 (By Hosting Facts)

Wikis, Blogs, Podcasts & audio/video conferencing

  1. Creating and using a wiki with Wikispaces (by Helen Mongan-Rallis)
  2. How to create a blog (by Robert Mening)
  3. Blogging using Blogger.com (free blog service). (by Helen Mongan-Rallis & Bruce Reeves)
  4. Google Docs (by Helen Mongan-Rallis)
  5. Podcasting:
    1. Subscribing to podcasts using iTunes (by Meg Little)
  6. Podcasting Basics using Audacity or Garage Band (by Helen Mongan-Rallis).
  7. Posterous: Creating a blog using Posterous (by Helen Mongan-Rallis)
  8. Skype: Guidelines for audio and video conferencing using Skype (by Helen Mongan-Rallis)
  9. UMConnect/Adobe Connect: Guidelines for instructors and administrators(by Helen Mongan-Rallis)
    1. UMConnect/Adobe Connect guidelines for audio setup wizard (by Helen Mongan-Rallis)
    2. UMConnect/Adobe Connect guidelines for facilitating session (by Helen Mongan-Rallis)
    3. UM Connect (Adobe Connect): Guidelines for Recording and Viewing Recorded Sessions (by Helen Mongan-Rallis)
  10. UM Connect (Adobe Connect) Guidelines for Participants (by Helen Mongan-Rallis)

Course Management Systems

  1. Moodle:
    1. Activity reports: guide for students and instructors on using activity reports (by Helen Mongan-Rallis)
    2. How to add participants manually to your Moodle site (by Helen Mongan-Rallis)
    3. Assignments in Moodle (by Helen Mongan-Rallis)
    4. Editing your profile (by Helen Mongan-Rallis)
    5. Uploading images in Moodle (by Helen Mongan-Rallis)
    6. Uploading and linking to a file (e.g. PowerPoint, PDF, Word Document, sound file) in Moodle (by Helen Mongan-Rallis)
    7. Using wikis in Moodle (by Helen Mongan-Rallis)
  2. Browser Test for Students Considering Online Courses (adapted from guides by Kathy Heltzer)

iDevice guides (iPad, iPod, iPod Touch)

  1. Sync iPhone or iPod with iTunes (by Helen Mongan-Rallis)
  2. How to erase iDevice backups (by Helen Mongan-Rallis)
  3. How to set up email accounts and create UMD email account on iPhone ((by Helen Mongan-Rallis with guidance from Bruce Reeves)

Online Research Tools

  1. Guide to Using Refworks & UMD Library Research Tools (by Helen Mongan-Rallis)
  2. Guidelines for writing a literature review (by Helen Mongan-Rallis)

Presentation media:

  1. Inspiration:
  2. Virtual Field Trips (by Helen Mongan-Rallis. Created January 2005, updated Oct 2006)
  3. SMART board basics (by Helen Mongan-Rallis)

Microsoft Office


  1. Creating a simple gradebook using an Excel spreadsheet: download Excel document which displays the guidelines along with an actual example (by Helen Mongan Rallis)


  1. Introduction to PowerPoint 2000/2001 (by Helen Mongan-Rallis)
  2. Taking Power Point to the Next Level (by Helen Mongan-Rallis)
  3. How to Save a PowerPoint as a Web Page (by Helen Mongan-Rallis)
  4. Creating a PowerPoint Jeopardy Quiz (by Helen Mongan-Rallis)
  5. Download example of PowerPoint "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" game (by Laura Baker, UMD student, June 2005). This link will download the actual PowerPoint. There are no guidelines, but users have permission to download the file and substitute your own questions on the slides, re-saving it to create your own game without having to know how to set up the slides.
  6. Download example: How to Draw Faces In Proportion: this PowerPoint shows to use animation to enhance student understanding of a process (by John Hoban, UMD student).

    PowerPoint 98 and earlier guides:
  7. Introduction to Power Point 97/98 (by Helen Mongan-Rallis& Al Roline)
  8. Intermediate Power Point Guidelines(by Helen Mongan-Rallis)
  9. How To Save a Power Point Presentation as HTML (by Helen Mongan-Rallis)
  10. Creating a Power Point Slide Show (by Helen Mongan-Rallis)


  1. Copy and Save Images from the Internet (by Helen Mongan-Rallis)
  2. Copy images from Internet, insert into PowerPoint, and include photo credit and photo source information: a video tutorial (by Helen Mongan-Rallis)
  3. Creating a Picasa Web Album: a video tutorial (by Helen Mongan-Rallis)
  4. Creating a seating chart using digital photographs (by Helen Mongan-Rallis)
  5. Creating Panoramic and QTVR images using Panorama Factory (original by John Pederson. Revised by Helen Mongan-Rallis)
  6. Creating Virtual Field Trips (by Helen Mongan-Rallis)
  7. Editing Images Using Photoshop (by Helen Mongan-Rallis)
  8. Resizing images (for emailing or posting on web pages) (by Helen Mongan-Rallis)
  9. ScanMaker Scanner (by Helen Mongan-Rallis).
  10. Screenshots Using Jing: capture and lable screen shots of your computer screen (still image and video) (by Helen Mongan-Rallis)
  11. Using Fireworks to Create Batch Thumbnails for Class Photographs (by Andrea Pokrzywinski)


  1. Making Movies with Movie Maker (Windows Only) (by Helen Mongan-Rallis from notes taken during workshop by Lyle Shannon)
  2. Importing Video Clips Into iMovie Using Sony Digital8 Video Camera (by Helen Mongan-Rallis)
  3. iMovie Guides and References (This is a link to a collection of resources that I have found on iMovie)
  4. Creating QuickTime Movie in Adobe ImageReady (by Helen Mongan-Rallis)

University of MN Duluth Guides:

  1. Class search: Searching for M.Ed. electives using the UMD Class search
  2. How to look at class schedule in calendar form (video: 2.38 mins long) (very helpful resource for UMD students!). Video created by Ally Hornseth (July 2013)
  3. UM Course Guide guidelines (by Helen Mongan-Rallis)
  4. UM Netfiles guidelines (by Helen Mongan-Rallis)


  1. Online tools in plain English YouTube series by Leelefever: This is a very simple yet effective series that in which Leelefever explains how to use a variety of online tools:
    1. Blogs in Plain English
    2. Google Docs in Plain English
    3. RSS in Plain English
    4. Social Networking in Plain English
    5. Wikis in Plain English
  2. ExpressScribe (Free Voice Transcription Program) (By Helen Mongan-Rallis)
  3. Nvivo: Qualitative Research Software. This is a link to the Nvivo tutorial page.
  4. QR Codes - how to create QR code for a website (by Terrie Shannon)
  5. Using Computers to Assist in Teaching and Learning (more geared toward college level, but much of this applies to K-12 too) (by Helen Mongan-Rallis)

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Last updated: April 14, 2017

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